For large fleets or single trucks, delivering steady profitability to your business depends on continual performance improvement and solid durability.Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM) anticipates terrain well ahead of the truck, adjusting to road conditions to maximize efficiencies. With new drivers joining the industry every year, it’s critical to ensure optimal truck and driver performance. With Freightliner's intuitive, automated manual transmission, drivers reach peak performance sooner, thanks to advanced DT12 features including their easier-to-operate, two-pedal configuration.At Freighliner and Volvo Truck Parts we offer all major truck parts ,we will also replace them for you for a very small fee.Our Body Shop is located on site.

  We supply and sell reconditioned units and parts, used truck parts and used running trucks.  Our  shop is supplied with   thousands of medium & heavy duty truck parts. Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, Axels ,Steering . We have a shop that will install any part or unit that we sell with mechanics that have years of experience. We recondition rear ends, power steering pumps and gear boxes, transmissions, air dryers, fan clutches and hoods.

  Heavy Duty Truck Marketplace Featuring Used, Rebuilt, Salvage, and Aftermarket HD Parts
With over 50,000 used, recycled, and aftermarket heavy duty truck parts across Illinois, ATP-Used Semi Truck Parts  is a great source that connects drivers looking for heavy duty truck parts in Illinoise while providing excellent customer service. Need an used engine for your semi Volvo or Freighliner Truck ? Look no further, we carry a great selection of used engines. Stop by at the shop or simply call us.